Give me success today

Genesis 24:12
The Prayer of the Servant
Give me success today

When Abraham asked his servant to search for his son Isaac a woman to marry, Abraham was specific about two things:
1/  She should be from one of Abraham's lineage, not a Canaanite
2/  She should be willing to travel back with the servant to marry Isaac

Kamag-anak ka ba ni...?
Sasama ka ba sa akin para ipakasal kay Isaac?

In modern times if you ask a woman those questions, you will either end up in jail or worse, bystanders will lynch you from trying to kidnap a woman.

But not the servant whom Abraham sent.

Before venturing into what seemed to be a mission impossible, he prayed:  “...Lord, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today, and show kindness to my master Abraham."

And he, an unconvert gave God his grocery list:
1/  She will be from Abraham's relatives
2/  She will give me water to drink
3/  She will give water to my camel

"By this", the servant prayed to God, "I will know that you have shown kindness to my master."

And before he finished prayer, Rebekah came.  An answer to his prayers.  Three check marks!  She was Abraham's descendant, she gave the servant water to drink, she even watered the camel.  More surprisingly, she was willing to come with him to marry Isaac.

Isn't that great!  What we always hear from our Friday services is true:  God knows what we want and He is more than willing to answer our prayers, especially if it's in accordance with His holy will.

We do not receive because we do not ask.
Or sometimes we ask but not the specifics.
Or sometimes the motive is self-serving.
Or worse, we don't follow it up with action.

We will only receive from God if we ask humbly, with faith, and if we act on it.







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