In crisis over the AI results

Utter rubbish. That's what Simon Cowell always say in American Idol. After last night's results, I agree.
It was two in the morning (Saudi time) when I finally conceded defeat. That's four hours before the American Idol was announced. All the statistic sites I visited (from Dial Idol) indicated that, by a very small margin, Kris Allen won over my favorite Adam Lambert.

I think even in my sleep, I dreamt of AI. Early morning today, I woke up needlessly to visit ustreamtv to confirm my worst nightmare (I've a flair for drama, ain't I?!).

Finally, it's over. Kris won. And I lost.

I lost a bet that Adam will win (goodbye to my SAR 100!).

Frankly, I thought Adam is a better singer. Watching the video, seeing Kris seemingly unbelieving and speechless in his victory, I thought his body language showed that, deep in his heart, he knew that Adam deserved the title.

If you cannot open the video above, click this link.

It's an 'idol' competition

But it was not just a singing competition, it was an 'idol' competition. How can people (the American people) idolize Adam who is an open gay, who stretches out his tongue when he sings (like how the devilish KISS do it), who the media regard as representing the dark (while Kris Allen is the light)?

Kris won, not because he is a good singer over Adam, but because people perceived him to be a 'better person'(pro-Kris capitalized on him being a newly-married, church-going man) than Adam (who's gay and therefore perceived to be haughty and evil). That Adam is an open-gay sealed his fate and robbed him of the AI title. It saddens me. (Here are some trivia: Kris and Adam were roommates at the AI house because they both are very picky when it comes to neatness; Adam, behind the scene, is said to be soft-spoken like Kris).

I was telling myself, it's only a hundred riyals. Well it actually isn't. I lost my pride too because, among my friends, I was the only one openly rooting for Adam. And once again, I was wrong in my choice.

I'm glad AI's over. I'm glad I saw Tatiana who gave me the loudest laugh.

I'd have to find better things to do than be gloomy over this contest. Haya! I lead a very dreary life! ('haya' is life in Arabic).

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  1. enjoy says:

    I feel for you nebz. I'm also an Adam follower but kris's winning the award didn't surprise me at all. Last night I've already concluded that Kris might won the title because, you're right, it's an "idol" competition and Kris is handsomely fit for the title sa halos lahat ng aspeto. he may not have the vocals of Adam, but darn, he also sings pretty well. In fact, I like almost all of his arrangements.

    Siguro next time dapat magkaroon na rin ng participation ang judges' votes. kahit mga 30% lang. 'cause it might help too in hailing the most deserved one. :)

  2. NJ Abad says:

    Hahaha Nebz... I didn't know you blogged about last night's AI. I did, too!

    Wataletdown huh? Neehow, I took it from a different perspective.

    Ur right, better things await you than being gloomy on a weekend!

  3. Garando says:

    Wow, the AI finals seem to be the talk of the town today! I don't really follow the show because I don't get to watch much TV. I just watch AI when I come across it as I flick channels.
    Today I saw it in most of the blogs I've visited, and I was even copied on 25+ AI related emails on my office outlook! All were from my colleagues trash talking each other. :D
    I'm heading to youtube to catch up! :)

  4. RJ says:

    [Nakakahiya. Hindi ako nakakarelate kasi hindi ko ito nasubaybayan. Dilim at liwanag pala ito, parang Angels and Demons. Huh!]

  5. Sardonyx says:

    Nebz, I know the feeling....coz I was disappointed too with the result and until now, I'm a bit depressed huhuhu. If only I could vote that time. My friends and I are fans of Adam. I like all his songs, slow, rock and especially his "birit" and I like his "Mad World" version. I don't care if he's a gay as long as he sings very well, he's handsome too (hay naku bakit kasi naging gay pa siya kakainis, lahat na lang ng crush ko gay hahaha). I think Adam deserved to be an American Idol....for me :-)....Adam forever!! hehehe

  6. Francesca says:

    Im not for this contest, but im sure, nebz, giving a professional lessons, mas maganda ka pa kumanta kesa sa dalawa.
    Hayaan mo na yang 1ooriyals mo take it na kumain ka lng sa five star,resto hehe

  7. Ken says:

    Its exciting Yes, but when we saw what happened with the David A and the other David before, we lost excitements. You See, that's why AI is losing followers, their data of viewers is going down, not going up. Popularity doesn't last, but real talents does.

    This year we didn't even watch a single AI, we lost the excitements.

  8. Trainer Y says:

    for the past three seasons ng american idol.. laging talo ung napipili ko.. heheheh ewan ko ba... pero kahit na talo pa rin sila.. for me sila ung panalo..its my choice naman eh...

  9. Badong says:

    yun lang yung di maganda..people based their votes sa perception nila sa character ng mga finalists.

    Adam is the best singer in the competition. but i think kris is equally deserving too.

    Season 7 pa rin ako!

  10. Anonymous says:

    hindi ko masyadong nasusubyabayan ang AI. tapos laging natatalo ang bet ko. hehe

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