As a PBA finalist, I'm gloating, sad and afraid

I'm honored...(and unashamedly gloating!) but I'm equally sad and afraid.
I self-nominated my blog at Philippine Blog Awards and I luckily landed as one of the finalists.

That's the gloating part.

I was hoping to see other Kablogs in the list like The Pink Tarha, Ed's Sandbox, Azel's Panunumbalik, Wits and Nuts, RJ's Chook-minder's Quill, NJ's Desert Aquaforce, etc because I honestly believe they deserve to be there more than I. (And by 'etc' I mean practically all those OFW blogs listed in my Blogroll).

That's the sad part. I don't think they need validation as much as I did.

The afraid part is that, like in Oscar's, most who won the Best Actress trophies (okay, the comparison is sooo way off but that's the closest thing I can think of right now), end up without a decent follow-up movie. Not that I am sure of winning because I gauged my co-finalists as better written, more OFW-ish in subject than mine but if in case I do (God forbid), I pray that my blog doesn't suffer the same fate as the Oscar's best actress winners. (Okay...this qualifies as partly afraid and partly gloating!).

Finally, I'm glad to see Pope's Palipasan, Baul ni Noel, Tambay sa Dubai and (sorry for missing you, Rey, when I first posted this) Rey Asis' As Is as among the OFW finalists and Ever's Pamatay Homesick too as a finalist in another category. Way to go Mideast OFWs! Way to go Kablogs!

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  1. A-Z-3-L says:

    hahahaha... na-pressure!

    i did not join coz im so new in this field. kaya i leave it to the veterans and more deserving na kagaya nyo... hehehehehe...

    anyways, goodluck.. you and the others you mentioned na finalists are pride of KABLOGS!

    all the best tito nebz!

  2. RJ says:

    Ayan! Congratulations, Isla de Nebz for making it to the finals! o",)

    May nag-nominate sa akin (si Mr. Thoughtskoto) pero hindi ako sumali... Hindi ko kasi alam ang pasikut-sikot nitong Philippine Blog Awards. Baka next year...

  3. The Pope says:

    Congrats Nebz, I was nominated by Kenjie and have never expected be a finalist... I took it as a blessing given the 9 month old existence of Palipasan.

    And yes, you are right, I was expecting to bloggers from Kablogs like The Pink Tarha Girls, RJ, NJ and Azel... who are real bloggers that deserve to be in that PBA roster.

    I admit I was afraid and uncertain being a newbie in this type of event, but I regain my confidence upon seeing you Nebz in the list, 'di na ako nag-iisa'.

    Life is Beautiful Nebz, let's count our blessings.

  4. ok sa olrite lang yun,swerte narin at pasok ang kablogs ofw members, at tama ang iyong mga nabanggit,nataon lang na para sa inyo ang maging finalist.

    kaya congrats sa inyo ni the pope at sa lahat ng nominado.bahagi rin ang mga kachokaran natin sa blogesperyo.dahil nadin sa kanila at kakayahang nyo na maibahagi ang buhay talento ng pinoy abroad.saludo ako para sa inyo.

  5. cmvillanueva says:

    wow naman, congrats sa inyo ni the Pope.. Good luck men..

  6. Phil says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

    My blog did not make it to the personal blog category but I am still thankful for the self-nomination did great in helping me explore more about blogging.

  7. niqabi says:

    COngratulations kuya nebz..i believe in you I know you can make it.. Bring home the bacon..did i just make you more afraid? im not..its just that I'm confident you're gonna make it..Good luck..

  8. 2ngaw says:

    Kung ano ka dati, kung paano ka magblog pagpatuloy mo lang pre...kung sakaling manalo ka, wala kang dapat baguhin, pagpatuloy mo lang kung ano yung nasimulan mo dahil dun kaya ka napili...

  9. Sardonyx says:

    Congrats Nebz ngayon palang panalo ka na sa kin at sa lahat ng kablogs finalists akala ko ano yun PBA hehe kala ko basketball player ka na rin. Meron palang ibang blog contest hehe outdated na talaga ako sa balita. Galingan mo ha para more stamps to come hehe

  10. Life Moto says:

    congrats bro sa special award. you guys deserve it. It is nice to see your name in the finalist.

    Have a nice day!

  11. Badong says:

    ngayon pa lang ay iko-congratulate ko na kayo! CONGRATULATIONS! good luck sa inyong lahat!

  12. ann says:

    Congratulations! You can make it, ikaw pa!

  13. braggito says:

    That's nice! Congratulations!

  14. witsandnuts says:

    Yay! Congratulations to you and Pamatay Homesick! Para sakin winners na kayo. =) Thanks for the mention.

  15. enjoy says:

    way to go nebz! i'm happy for you. di pa man, binabati na kita.

    wala kang dapat na ikatakot or ikabahala. win or lose, ang importante nag-try ka. and you're a good blogger kaya be confident :)

    goodluck nebz! :)

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